The Fresh Beat Band Live!

On Sunday, I took the girls out for a little mommy-girlie date. Look at their excited faces:

We went to see The Fresh Beat Band Live at the 1stBank Center up in Broomfield. It was such a fun little show! Honestly, I think at 9 and 7, my girls were a bit on the old side for the show – but they are so into music, singing, and dancing, that I knew they’d have a great time. And they did! I really wish I could have taken them to see this show when they were around 4 or 5, though. The entire audience was full of excited, twirling, dancing little girls – they were so thrilled to be there, and having so much fun just dancing in the aisles. Watching the audience was almost as much fun as watching the show.

The performers were great, too! They were so friendly and animated, and really played to their young crowd. Most of the show was audience participation, and I think our favorite part was when they kicked a half dozen ginormous inflatable balls out into the crowd, for everyone to bat back and forth. And of course, the KISS-like confetti cannon at the end was a wonderful touch.

I’m so glad we went. This was a GREAT show, and I’ve been singing Fresh Beat Band songs in my head since we left!

Disclosure: My girls and I received complimentary tickets in exchange for promoting the show.

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    WE had FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!