Listy List.

Twenty Things I Hate, and Twenty Things I Think Are Awesome.

(Kayley inspired me to write this.)

Hate. (This was surprisingly hard to complete – I’m pretty content, I guess. But I finally came up with twenty things.)

  1. Stupid voices in commercials. If you’re a Denver local, think of the O’Meara Ford lady. Nails on a friggin’ chalkboard, man.
  2. When my kids are completely wired at bedtime.
  3. The fact that every character in every kid-geared TV show is a smart-assed little brat.
  4. In Draw Something, when someone draws like a circle and a line and some random squiggle for “Titanic.”
  5. Also, when people write out the word. Why are we even playing?
  6. Getting the boingy bite of chicken. Ptooey!
  7. When I don’t get the joke. I AM CLEVER, GOD DAMMIT. I SHOULD ALWAYS GET THE JOKE.
  8. Volume disparity between songs on my iPod.
  9. When the dishwater gets cold and I have to reach in to pull the drain. Bleahhh.
  10. Cold feet.
  11. When I forget my next list item because my kids have to come in and tattle.
  12. Getting trapped behind a wall of lookie-loo walkers at IKEA.
  13. How long it takes to get any measurable amount of laundry done in this house.
  14. The fact that it’s cheaper to buy a new printer or a new cordless phone than it is to buy ink or a new battery. Yay for technological waste!
  15. When things are wonky and I can’t figure out why. Like how I just dicked around for half an hour trying to figure out why an image on Pinterest keeps pinning SIDEWAYS. WHAT IN THE HELL.
  16. Not having floss when I need it. I am a compulsive flosser, and will drive myself batshit crazy if I can’t unwedge something from my toofs in a timely manner.
  17. Having a stack of books on my nightstand, but no real desire to read them. I want to want to read, I just don’t want to read. Does that make any sense?
  18. Your shitty taste in music. Well, not YOU. But, you know what I mean.
  19. Not being able to find a bike helmet that doesn’t make me look like a tool.
  20. Being clumsy, stumbling, tripping, running into things. Lame.

Love. (This was easier.)

  1. Feeling like my life is exactly as it should be.
  2. Being comfortable in my own skin, for the most part.
  3. Being married to Paul, who is hysterical and adorable.
  4. Having cool, funny kids.
  5. Star Wars.
  6. Netflix.
  7. Sushi. Oh my God, how I love sushi.
  8. Springtime, and all the fun it brings. (My birthday, pedicures after wearing boots for months, flowers in bloom)
  9. My iPhone. Hey, I can admit it.
  10. My faith.
  11. Kayley. As much of a pain in the ass as she, like all teenagers, can be, she brightens my world like no one else.
  12. Chiweenie!
  13. New bras. (Especially the ones I just got, with “Age Defying Lift!” Oh, jeez.)
  14. My fabulous friends.
  15. The new sheets I just bought.
  16. Taco Star.
  17. My adorable bike, and going riding with my family. Whee!
  18. COFFEE.
  19. Thrift stores.
  20. Being a wife and mommy. Awwww.
  21. Now you!

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  1. Sarah says:

    I would just like to mention that those At The Beach commercials make me want to rip my ears off ;)
    Sarah´s last [type] ..$200 Rainy Day Facebook Frenzy- blogger sign ups

    LaLaLaura Reply:

    OMG, me too. Every time we pass one of those places, Kayley and I always go, “Aaaaat the Beeeeeeach…”

  2. Melissa says:

    I had to click through my reader to actually comment today! You make me laugh SO hard. I think I agree with all of these (well I don’t actually know your family, but you know what I mean) Thank you!!

    LaLaLaura Reply:

    Haha, thanks for the nice comment! Glad you can relate!

  3. Amy says:

    I don’t like ANY words being used in Draw Something. In Pictionary, that’s against the rules, man! LOL! My kids make fun of me for getting irritated by this.

    I was going to write my list of 20 & 20 here since I don’t blog anymore, but then got too lazy. I think our lists would be similar, though!

    LaLaLaura Reply:

    Your husband does, too. Haha! If I use a word when we’re playing, he threatens to tell you so you can yell at me!

  4. Janelle says:

    I cracked up at #9 on your “hate” list! I CRINGE every time I have to do that. Breanna absolutely refuses to do it! Sometimes I’ll use a pair of tongs to pull it out. As for your “love” list, what is a taco star and where do I get one? Sounds delish!

    LaLaLaura Reply:

    Oooh, Taco Star is this fabulous little fast food place with a couple of locations around town. It’s actually really good, though. Like Viva Burrito if you’ve been there, but I think it’s actually way better.

  5. Sushi and Netflix, the only two things you need to make a perfect day.
    Laural Out Loud´s last [type] ..The Relief That Nutella Is Meatless, It Was Mighty

    LaLaLaura Reply:

    And a Fat Tire!

  6. Phan Lovely says:

    I can just imagine your face similar to the meme pic when you don’t have a floss at the time you wanted it the most. LOL. Do you also make that kind of expression for real? Thanks for such a cute post.

    Phan Lovely´s last [type] to seduce a woman

    LaLaLaura Reply:

    I probably do!