366 Catch up.

I guess I’m a little behind in my photo project. Things sort of went south after last weekend’s epic event, also known as THE SLUMBER PARTY. It took me several days to recover from that, and the pictures never caught up. I’ve been taking them, though, so here we go.

Last weekend, we had Nikki and Lexi’s slumber party. It was nutso. Next time, we’ll invite fewer kids. I say next time like at some point, I’ll be ready to do this again. HAHAHAHA! Yeah, no. Well, maybe. Fourteen little kids, one puker, one going home in the middle of the night, one with a massive headache requiring a call to mom, and ALL on a MASSIVE sugar buzz. Paul DJ’d a little dance party for the kids, which was awesome of course – but these kids are still so young, they have limited attention spans. They want to dance for like ten minutes, and then sit on the floor and play rock-paper-scissors and Miss Mary Mack. We had pizza, a cool Captain Jack Sparrow piƱata, oh, and did I mention the photobooth? It was adorable, but like I said, these kids are young. They were a little confused by the props. I think I’ll save them for our next shindig, because photobooth pictures with drunk adults would be hysterical.

Nikki & Lexi's Slumber Party

The days afterward were busy, as the kids fiiiiiinally went back to school after being home since mid-December. The first day of school, Pablo decided to wear a tie, for some reason. He was damned adorable, and got tons of compliments on it. The second day, he woke up before everyone in the house, got dressed on his own (shoes included), and packed his lunch – even making himself a sandwich with turkey and “mouse cheese.” Also known as Swiss. When I came downstairs to find him, after he was missing from his bed, I discovered him sitting patiently at the table with his backpack already on. Think he was ready to head back to school?

Pablo's Tie.

Pablo's rarin' to go.

I’m realizing now that I fucked the date up on all these pictures – dang it! I think I’m going to just call it good and start fresh with a new post! So, consider yourself partial to mostly caught up!

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  1. Kim says:

    What? Not ready for another slumber party? Aww man.

    LaLaLaura Reply:

    Oh, we’ll have another one. When you stay the night and help me host it. Deal??? I’ll make mojitos.

  2. Amy says:

    I love Pablo in his tie and also being fully ready – with backpack on! – the next morning. So adorable.

    LaLaLaura Reply:

    ME TOO. It was so ridiculously, painfully cute, seeing him wearing a tie with his polo and jeans. He’s such a sweet kid.