Angry Birds Derby Car!

Pablo and Paul did the Pinewood Derby race last night at Boy Scouts. They worked on Pablo’s car over the weekend and it came out so cute. Pablo worked hard sanding and painting the car.

Painting the Derby Car

He wanted something special for his car, but we couldn’t find the right thing. We tried adding Lego guys, but Pablo wasn’t feeling it. Then I found some Angry Birds pencil toppers, and those turned out to be perfect. Paul added some dowel pegs for them to rest on, and I think they look bad ass!

Pinewood Derby Car - Angry Birds Style!

Paul said Pablo’s car was pretty popular. It sure is cute. Pablo didn’t do too spectacular in the race, but he REALLY enjoyed blowing his whistle to signal the start of each heat. He’s been talking about it all day. Cuteness!

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  1. Kim says:

    Love the Angry Birds!! It totally makes the car :)
    He looks so grown up and mature in this pec, it almost hurts to look at it!

    Kim Reply:

    ummm, pic….:)

    LaLaLaura Reply:

    He worked so hard on it! And had such a blast, too. Paul said he wasn’t even all THAT into racing the car – but the guy running the race let Pablo blow his whistle, and he looooved that. Gratuitous noise! Yeah!