Almost there…

I’m going to attempt to post this via the WordPress app on my iPhone, so we’ll see if it actually posts. I just wanted to quickly say that things are finally beginning to settle down. Paul is home from Sturgis, the kids are pretty much settled in their school routine, most of our houseguests have gone home, and I think I am finally unpacked from vacation, too.

Kayley had her birthday party the other night, which was a lot of fun for a weeknight party. And since we had it during the week, everyone got to meet Kayley’s boyfriend, Matt. He and his mom are visiting from San Diego for a few days.

Soooo, yeah. By Monday, I suspect life will feel a lot more normal! Yay for normal and boring.


(Paul, his stepdad, and two of his brothers visiting with their buddy Beto. All these guys grew up together in L.A.)

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