A little independence goes a long way.

I know I’ve shared lately how frustrated I’ve been with my boy – mostly with myself, really. It’s hard to maintain that balance between wanting him to behave like a normal boy so he can fit in, and wanting to show the world how special and beautiful he is, exactly as he is.

Recently, he and I got some alone time, and we had to stop by the market to pick up a few things. When he saw the almost Pablo-sized shopping carts, he asked if he could push all by himself. Usually, this would seem like a recipe for disaster – small rambunctious boy, aisles of glass jars, stacks of neatly arranged produce – yikes! But the store wasn’t busy, so I decided to go for it.



He carefully navigated the aisles, and didn’t crash into anything or anyone! He picked out and bagged all our produce, and he put everything on the belt when it was time to pay.


When we were finished, he pushed the cart out to the car and loaded up all our groceries by himself! Wow! Maybe the answer to shopping successfully with an autistic child is to put them in charge. Maybe. Or maybe it was just a stroke of good luck. I guess time will tell. For now, I was super pleased to have had such a pleasant outing with Pablo – oftentimes, our errand running is a big fat drag!

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  1. Joseph says:

    I once saw an episode of “The Nanny” where she coached a dad on how to get through the supermarket without chasing his 3 toddlers around AND get everything on the list. He gave each of them a responsibility in the store. Sounds like you figured it out all on your own! Good Momma!

  2. Cindy says:

    Way to go, Pablo! I’m so proud of what a good job you did!
    .-= Cindy´s last blog ..Feeling the love =-.

  3. Rachel S says:

    Cute, cute, cute!! He looks so proud! And you are an amazing mother… I’ve admired you from the early K days… :)

  4. I always like one on one with my girls. Maybe that was it, no competition, just Pablo and mom and he was doing something for you. Very cool. It always feels great when something like that happens.

  5. Julie says:

    Good for Pablo and you. When I take the girls out separately they behave really well, like your description of Pablo. I think my girls like the alone time. Suddenly having mommy to all to oneself, no competition, no need to fight about the toys/food/etc. I read some of your related comments about other peoples’ reaction to you at Target. I think older folks do forget what it was like to have little ones and I do think they would just smack the kid into submission – because it was more acceptable then. You are wonderful.