The Kiss Army on Halloween!

The Hottest Band in the World - KISS!

Halloween was SO MUCH FUN. We had blizzard weather here in Colorado last week, and the kids were home from school on Wednesday and Thursday. I spent all day Thursday making their KISS costumes, and I think they came out super cute!

Cutest trick-or-treaters on the block.

Friday, the weather was gorgeous, and they went back to school, thank goodness – didn’t want to miss the Halloween party at school! The weather was so beautiful all weekend, the kids did lots of sledding, snowman building, and just outdoor playing – in shorts and snowboots. Got to love Colorado!!

Here’s one of Pablo out in the backyard, BAREFOOT in the snow. Little stinker! He learned how to climb that tree in the background too, and I had to get him down from it about five times.

Why we love Colorado

Oh, and here’s one of Paul and me at a Halloween party…festive! Look, even the hoax balloon from the Heene’s made an appearance! Yay, Balloon Boy!

Batgirl and Elvis

Fun, fun weekend, but mama is Halloween’d out! I took down all the Halloween decorations yesterday and I’m SO ready to settle back into our boring everyday routine! Bring on Christmas!!

Edit: Whoops! Just realized I didn’t post any pictures from the other Halloweenie stuff we did…lookie here:

From our neighborhood Halloween party:

My cutie family!

My kids, trick or treating at the neighborhood party.

Kayley really enjoying herself:

Kayley and Paul in the corn maze.

Kayley and me (she was Amy Winehouse!) at a Halloween party.

And K and T carving pumpkins:

Taylor and Kayley carving their pumpkins!

(She was annoyed at the kids’ school party, because little kids kept telling her they liked her “costume” and her funky hair!)

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  1. freakgirl says:

    I LOVE IT! They are adorable. So are you and the hubs.

    What was Kayley?

  2. LaLaLaura says:

    Oh, I suck, don’t I? I didn’t even post any pictures of Kayley. She and her friend Shelby stayed home and handed out candy, while posting on Facebook nonstop, then they retreated to the basement and watched movies for the next 20 hours. She dressed like Amy Winehouse, though. I have pics on FB; I’ll have to post one here of all the kids together. K’s getting to that age where she doesn’t want to do the family thing too much!

  3. Sadia says:

    The Kiss costumes are amazing!!! How did you find the time!?

  4. LaLaLaura says:

    Thanks, Sadia! We were snowed in (and going a little stir crazy!) on Wednesday and Thursday of this past week. I decided I’d better get started on their costumes on Thursday and my husband kept the kids busy in the basement with Legos, snacks, and old episodes of Get Smart on DVD. It took me about 4 hours, altogether, minus the time it took me to find two black shirts I’d put in the basket of outgrown clothes to give away!

  5. Julie says:

    ADORABLE! Great job!

  6. Love all the pictures and the KISS costumes are priceless. Glad you guys had a Happy Halloween!

  7. Pam says:

    I love the KISS costumes – what a great idea!

  8. Bethany says:

    I love the KISS costumes!! What a fun Halloween!

  9. Pam says:

    Also, I meant to add, both you and Kayley look thinner. Way to go, you look great!

  10. Janelle says:

    I was about to say the same as Pam. Kaylee looks alot thinner than the last time I saw her. You look great too!

  11. Friglet says:

    Those Kiss costumes are priceless!

  12. Mama Bird says:

    YOU MADE THOSE COSTUMES! I am so impressed! I had no idea you were such a domestic goddess!